Ultimeat 100% Plant Based Burger Patty 4pcs 100% 植物肉汉堡素食鸡味




【 100% Plant Based Burger Meat Is Here In Malaysia‼️🤩🥳 Made with NON-GMO SOY😍 】
Studies shows meatless diets are good for immunity, so it is very important to start eating vegan diets especially during this outbreak! 🦠 That’s why we have launched Ultimeat 100% Plant based burger patty❤️

Why choose Ultimeat Burger Patty?
🔥 Monthly Sales up to 5173+ boxes of Ultimeat Burger Patty
✅ 100% Plant-Based (Plant Protein)
✅ 100% Made with Non-GMO Soy
✅ 32% Less Fat Than Regular Meat
✅ Rich in Vitamins B2, B6, C, D
✅ Rich Dietary Fibre
❌ No Cholesterol
❌ No Preservatives, Antibiotics, Hormones, MSG

Eat Healthy, Eat Happy💚:
✅ Reduce heart disease risk by up to 20%
✅ Reduce meat consumption
✅ Meet all 9 essential amino acids your body needs
✅ Improve overall well-being
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